I am the owner of a global training and consulting business, helping organizations and leaders improve team communications and performance.  Relationships are the cornerstone of my business. It’s who I am. I build long-term relationships with my clients, focusing on people, needs, and partnership – not transactions and quantity.  I have several clients that I have worked with since day one in my business. It is also common that as individuals move from one organization to another that we stay connected and continue to work together in their new company.  I specialize in helping organizations build those same kinds of relationships with their employees.


I pride myself on the partnership approach I present with each client.   I don’t charge an hourly rate for advice.  I believe in never giving the client what they asked for but always more. I also firmly believe in the importance of acting as a resource to my client’s managers and trainers. I help them match the correct training assessment tool and training program to their current business needs. I then customize solutions for the client in the areas of team building, leadership and management development, and train-the-trainer. Finally, I work with clients to develop follow-up activities for meetings and one-on-ones with managers to ensure the training becomes a part of the culture.


I use Everything DiSC® because it is a simple yet robust model that helps organizations speak a common language.  DiSC begins with a research-validated personality assessment used by more than a million people every year. My early and ongoing partnership with the John Wiley & Sons organization has been crucial in my business.   The evolution of the DiSC process from paper assessments to fully integrated online solutions has been amazing, and I’ve benefited by being a part of it every step of the way.  I often get my clients involved in beta testing where they can also be a contributor and benefit from new cutting edge training approaches.  I’m proud to be recognized as one of Wiley’s Top 2% Partners for over 25 years, and I’m an Authorized Everything DISC Workplace Partner, which enables my clients to have full access to their broad array of products and services.

On a Personal Level

I grew up on a farm in southwestern Minnesota where my entrepreneurial spirit was instilled from my father, a lifelong farmer.  That grounding and core can-do attitude are evident in each client interaction. I started my business in my 20’s after completing my Master’s degree in Business and Education and working as a corporate trainer.   I am married and the proud parent of three children, all out of the nest.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends as well as cooking, walking, traveling and care-giving for the sick and elderly.

Lori Thompson

Trainer | Coach | Speaker

Lori's Approaches

  • Custom Design and Delivery

  • Train-the-Trainer

  • Online Assessment Tools

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