What if people had their needs written all over them? “Hello, my need is Collaboration,” is probably not how you would normally introduce yourself, but it can be an effective way to begin an Everything DiSC engagement.

With Everything DiSC Need Tags, people identify their peers according to their needs, giving them a better understanding of each other. These reusable magnetic tags are a fun way to express individual DiSC® styles and priorities and help people become comfortable with using the language of DiSC. Not only are they great active learning tools that bring DiSC concepts to life, but they are also excellent reminders that everyone operates with a unique style.

While these are a small component to the large picture of building better relationships within an organization, Need Tags can play an impactful role in creating a memorable DiSC experience. Implement Need Tags into your Everything DiSC training today with the following best practices.

General Tips

  • Keep extra Coffee, Chocolate, To be a star, and blank tags on hand for any event. These fun tags are always in high demand!
  • Use a dry erase marker with the Blank tags. You can use them over and over again!
  • Do what you’re good at—be creative! Think outside of the box.

Ice Breakers

  •  Introduce Everything DiSC and the idea of people literally having their needs written all over them. Have participants pick the one Need Tag that best represents what they need from others in the workplace. Quickly have people go around and share their pick and why.
  •  Have participants write their own needs on blank tags instead of choosing from the ones we have.